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Our computer solution services range from minor repairs, backups, installations and upgrades to premium periodic care of your new or existing computer systems and networks.

If you need help evaluating your equipment, this is what we do. Have us out to your place, tell us what you’d like to use your computer or home network for and we'll put together a customized plan for you to get you what you want out of your technology.

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Device Setup

Electrical devices are the master gadgets we use in order to do our daily tasks at home and at work. Whether you are considering an upgrade, a repair, or just wanting secure your gadgets and network, we’ve got the skills, professionals and skill to get the job done for you with the most competitive rates.

Our friendly professionals can setup your accounts, install your favourite programs, connect you to your new or existing network and the internet and make sure you are protected by a security software so you can use your device while having that peace of mind that your privacy is in safe hands.

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Home Networks

Your Personal computer can hold a lot of important information. Your personal information, including photos, documents, statements, and the history of almost everything you have ever done using your computer will remain on your computer even after you think you have deleted them.

Careless disposal of unwanted hardware or repair done through untrusted repairman can put your privacy at risk. So don’t leave the doors open to thieves and call us now to find out how we can help you protect your privacy.

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PC Repairs & Upgrades

Our expert technicians are here to help you, from removing viruses to setting up wireless networks and printers. In fact, we guarantee that we can find a solution to your problem or you don’t pay—it’s simple

This list could span over several pages, but here is an idea of the some of the services we provide to our non-business customers. 

      • Computer Speed and Network optimisation
      • Remove Viruses and Spyware
      • File and Printer Sharing
      • Data Backup
      • Data Recovery
      • Device Setup
      • Computer and Network Security
      • Desktop and Laptop Repair 
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